Sunday, November 15, 2009

I've Got Time

Yesterday was a strange day. I definitely ended up sleeping much later into the day than I would have anticipated, but if I was that tired than it was needed and therefore a good thing. I managed to get my article for the SpartanEdge written last night, and sent it off this morning.

That was probably the most productive thing I did all day yesterday. But that is alright, sometimes you need days like that.

This morning I’m going to go to church with a couple friends, and then maybe tackle some of the reading that I’ve been putting off. I’ll manage to finish it eventually anyway. At least by the end of the week. Minimum.

Sarah told me yesterday that I’m not allowed to buy any new books between now and Christmas. That won’t be hard to do, since I already kind of told myself that I couldn’t. I have other obligations that have to come first.

Especially if I want to go to Mexico during spring break, like I said before I think that would be a really amazing opportunity. Most definitely a good use of my time.

Anyway, at some point I have to start writing my paper for my Lit/Cultures class to. Although he did cancel class for tomorrow, so… I’ve got some time.

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