Saturday, November 07, 2009


I drove home from school yesterday, and the moment that I stepped out of my car I was incredibly dizzy. Thankfully I wasn't dizzy at any point during the drive itself. I did have a headache that got progressively worse through-out the day.

So at any rate by the time that I actually got home yesterday afternoon I was having chills, was dizzy and had a persistent headache. However, at no point yesterday did I have a fever according to the thermometer, though I was incredibly warm.

I went to bed early, and then slept the morning away. Once I woke up, we took my temperature and it was 101.7. Needless to say I wasn't out of bed much today, and I haven't really had much of an appetite. My temperature seemed to be going down, earlier it was 100.4, but in the last hour I took my temperature again and it's back up to 101.6.

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll feel better, but if not then I might be sticking around home so that I can go see the doctor on Monday. If my fever persists than that's definitely what I'll end up doing.

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