Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Same Old

I have to decide what book I want to write a review on and post it to my SpartanEdge blog. I'm considering writing something up on one of Maureen Johnson's books. "13 Little Blue Envelopes" is a very good candidate...

I'm also hoping to have 'Liar' finished by Saturday afternoon so that I can write up a review of that and have it be my third review for this week. It's all about budgeting time, something that I have been struggling with lately. But I think after being sick this past weekend I can move forward and use my time wisely.

I took the time I needed to start feeling better, and now it is time to jump in and get this semester wrapped up. The semester is almost over, can you believe it? Sometimes it's hard to believe, but certainly welcome. I've hit that point in a few of my classes, where it was fun but now it's a kind of drudgery. I'm looking forward to doing something different.

I'm really excited about getting back to work during break. I really miss all of my co-workers and it'll be great to get to see everybody again. Even though holiday shoppers aren't the nicest shoppers, it'll still be fun.

What is it about the holidays that brings the worst out in people anyway? You always hear that the holidays are supposed to be about joy and whatever, but the majority of people that you have to deal with at a retail level are anything but. I understand that they may be stressed, but that is certainly no reason to take it out on the people at the store. They are just doing their jobs.

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