Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have been awful about updating this lately. It was plenty early when I remembered it last night, but I was already in bed and honestly I needed the sleep more than I needed to blog. This coming weekend should go much more smoothly than this past weekend though so I'm not too worried about.

I'm finally feeling better, though I'm still left with some congestion. That I can deal with however. The presentation yesterday went really well. Unless you were a part of our group, I really doubt that it was obvious that we went into it without having all previously met.

Ultimately the project appeared more planned out than it actually ever was, and that is awesome. I would have preferred it if we had had better communication through-out the planning stages, but it ended up working out okay. The whole group seemed to be glad to finally have the project out of the way. It's a liberating feeling.

Flyleaf's new CD came out today, which is really cool, but then it's not because I definitely can't afford it right now. We'll see how things go next pay day as far as that is concerned, though I'm really excited about the new CD. From what I've heard of it it's really good!

I have a newspaper to read, and then I'm getting some sleep. I'm hoping to lose the congestion within the next few days. That would be amazing!

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