Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Daily Grind

It has been about twenty-four hours since I was last on the Internet. Can I just say it is awesome to be home?

I'll be making two posts today, since I obviously forgot to post whatsoever yesterday. But yesterday was really cool. After my final final, which was at seven-forty-five in the morning, my parents met with me back at my dorm and we went about loading my things into the van. By about nine or so I was all packed up and ready to go.

My car had been parked somewhere along the route so that we could easily stop so that I could hop in and head off to work. Yesterday was my first day back at work, and despite the fact that there are many who would call me crazy I had an awesome time I work. I am so stoked to be back!

It was almost like I'd never left in the first place. There were a few cases where they had begun new organization systems that I wasn't aware of but for the most part everything came back real easily. It was funny in those cases that I had a little difficultly finding things, because in both cases others in the department forgot that I'd been gone for several months because it was so natural for me to be there.

It was awesome! Today I have to go up to Grand Rapids for my cousin's wedding. That should be fun and leave me with plenty to blog about as well.

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