Saturday, December 05, 2009


The annoying thing about having to have a password for everything, is that quite often the password that you use in one instance does not meet the criteria for another password that is needed somewhere else. This of course then means that you have at least a handful of passwords to remember at any given time.

I often forget what variation of password I have used where and end up going through some amount of trial and error before arriving at the correct variation.

It would be so much simpler if you were able to use the same password for all of the different sites and whatnot that need to have a password used for them, or at least if everywhere had the same criteria. Although I suppose the easiest way to simplify the situation would be to use the most complex password in every instance. This way it would meet the more complex criteria, as well as the more simple.

I just got back from seeing The Blind Side, which is the new Sandra Bullock movie that's based upon a true story. It was SO good. I know anyone that I've talked to about it has had nothing but good things to say about it, but I don't know that I was really expecting it to be as good as it was. It is such an inspiring story, and portrayed these christian individuals without making them seem outrageous.

It was just an incredibly uplifting story about a guy who went from being homeless and an orphan to being taken in by this family, accepted as their own, and then going on to college and eventually professional football. I really enjoyed it, and I highly recommend it.

Now I have to start working on a book review blog that I'm supposed to get sent in to my editor tonight. It kind of slipped my mind a bit...

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