Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Reprieve

It's well after midnight, which means that I'm not anywhere near the deadline that I've set for myself, but for this weekend I am offering myself a reprieve from those guidelines. We just got back from my cousins wedding, which was up in Grand Rapids.

It was a really lovely ceremony. It was great to get to see my family, and celebrate my cousins marriage.

We left for the wedding around one thirty or so, and since it didn't start until five we ended up getting up there an hour earlier than we necessarily needed to. Although, it was probably good that we left when we did just in case there was heavy traffic.

The drive home was a little slow going because it had been snowing for the majority of the time that we were at the wedding and the reception. As we were driving we alternated between driving through areas that had snow falling and areas that did not. Between Brooklyn and Tipton we saw a jeep that had rolled over on the side of the road. A police officer was in the middle of having it prepared to be towed away.

But we made it home safely, and now I can get some sleep before I go about unpacking later this morning.

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