Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Tonight I had to go to the East Lansing City Council Meeting so that I can write about it for my last out of class story in JRN 200.

It was a long meeting. For the most part the meeting was dedicated to these ordinances that have been considered in some of the local neighborhoods. Essentially the ordinances would make it so that in those particular areas it is not possible for houses to be rented out.

The largest argument for there not to be rentals in their neighborhoods is this pervasive idea that renters are somehow incapable of maintaining a house the same way that owners are. There also seemed to be this idea that the rentals would be offered to students and those that lived in the neighborhood seemed really opposed to the idea that they would be living around college students.

The meeting was a little frustrating, and now I need to write an article without managing to show my bias. I think I'm going to wait until this weekend to even consider tackling the actual article writing.

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