Monday, December 14, 2009

Final Number One

I drove back up to State this morning. It was interesting to watch as the further north I went the more snow there was on the ground. There wasn't any whatsoever in Adrian. Although even up here some of it has melted away.

Dad fell asleep early into the drive, and then mom did to. I think Shawn dozed off for a little bit during the last leg of the trip, but at least I had the radio going for company. I think it's more difficult to drive with everyone sleeping if you are trying to drive at night. It's not as distracting when it's light outside for whatever reason.

My first final is this afternoon. It's probably going to take me the longest to complete of all the exams that I've got this week, but I'm not extremely worried about it. I've done well enough in the class that I can't screw it up too badly with this one test. It's not even worth that much of the final grade which is good because it's my Lit/Cultures final and from his description of it it's going to be a bit complicated.

But really, that's not all that surprising.

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