Friday, December 04, 2009

Snow Has Arrived

The snow has arrived. At this point the it's not sticking to the roads or sidewalks, but the ground is frozen enough that the grass is completely covered in white. I'm not a big fan of snow, but that's largely because I don't particularly like the colds. Yes, snow is pretty to look at, but it is also cold and a pain to drive in.

The snow is welcome to stick around until Christmas, but then it tends to get old real quick.

We went over the format that the final in my Lit/Cultures class is going to take. It looks like it's going to be complicated, but then I really didn't expect anything less than that. Honestly the way that that class has gone this semester, I don't understand why so many in the class seemed surprised.

I'll probably study somewhat for it, but honestly I'm not super worried about it. I've largely paid attention in class to this point and don't foresee having to large of a problem with it. Besides my grade is fairly solid.

At some point tomorrow I need to start laying out my final stories for my JRN 200 class. These are both due on Thursday, and then I'm completely finished with that class. My other three classes have finals, although my EC 202 final is online. I should probably do some review for that one at least.

Mainly though, I'm just ready for Christmas break to get here.

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