Monday, December 21, 2009

Finally Unpacked

I very nearly forgot that I needed to blog today. Oops!

I finally decided to get around to unpacking around midnight yesterday, or technically this morning, and my room now seems to be in some kind of order. It's easier to find things now anyway.

I've been so busy since I've gotten home that I really haven't spent much time on the internet, which is actually good because every time I do wander online I find myself compulsively checking to see if grades have been posted. The deadline for them to go up is the twenty-third, and so far only two of my professors have posted grades. Of course, neither of them is Macro which is the only one that I am vaguely worried about.

Go figure!

I went in and renewed my driver's license/ applied for an enhanced drivers license. I am one step closer to make it to Mexico for spring break. I am just so excited for the future. This next year is going to be awesome!

I spent the bulk of this evening working on Christmas related projects, which I obviously can't go into much detail on. I do have everything that needs to be wrapped for Friday wrapped and ready to go though. That is a definite plus. It's not often that I manage to be this caught, especially when it is considered that I didn't even start thinking about Christmas until approximately a week or so ago.

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