Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Study Session

I went from not planning to study whatsoever for any of my exams, to spending my evening making note cards and reviewing for my Macroeconomics exam on Tuesday. That is the only class that I am slightly worried about because I didn't always pay as much attention as I should have during it.

I'm really hoping that I did well enough in it that I won't have to take it over again, because as boring as it was the first time around I can only imagine how boring it would be the second time around.

For the most part though I've nearly finished making note cards. I'll probably spend some portion of tomorrow afternoon going back over them, but at the moment I don't plan on devoting an extensive amount of time to it. I've hit that point in the semester that if I haven't gotten it yet, I'm running short on chances to do so.

At any rate, blogging seems to be going well today which is kind of extraordinary recently. I nearly forgot that I still needed to write two more entries to fulfill my responsibilities for the weekend, but I think I've managed to correct that near oversight. Now I am back to studying before returning for one last update.

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