Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Abandoned Projects

I finally got around to cleaning my desk today. Not only did I clear off the mass of papers, books, and candy that was sprawled across the top of it, but I finally organized the shelves. I ended up throwing out a bunch of papers that I have no idea why I ever saved, and I even found some things that I had believed that I had lost.

For instance, nearly two years ago now I graduated from high school. During one of my friends grad parties a group of us came up with the rough outline of this story. We took notes and everything. I had believed that I’d lost the notes, and surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, I stumbled across them today.

Apparently I’d stowed them away with some of the other writing projects that I’ve begun and abandoned. As I recall I actually did begin writing the story that those notes were meant for. Now I’ll have to go searching around in my files for the portion of that story that I’ve actually written…

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Bob said...

Holy Crap! You found those notes! I need to read them. :P