Monday, April 13, 2009

Declawed Darcy

Darcy got her bandages off yesterday. Well I guess I should say bandage, because she took the other one off the day before. We got her fixed and declawed last week. She was mad as hell the other day after Scott finally managed to get the bandage off. She spent a good deal of the day hiding in the corner and hissing at those of us who were trying to make friends with her.

She was better by last night, and today she’s doing well. As long as she doesn’t see Scott she’s fine, then she kind of wigs out. We haven’t managed to coax her into coming out of my room though. The few times we’ve gotten her out to the living room, she’s darted back again.

She probably feels more secure in there, but hopefully she’ll be ready to venture out into the rest of the house in the next few days.

We’ve got my nieces cat over at the moment. Last night, or I guess technically this morning, I woke up to Darcy hissing. She was lying next to me, and Popcorn had gotten up onto the end of my bed and was staring at her. She isn't always a sociable cat, especially when it comes to other cats.

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