Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Grow Up?

Today started out like any other day. One could say that it was average. I groggily forced myself to roll out of bed and grudgingly drive to work. The store was actually fairly busy today, which was nice. It made the day go by quickly.

I still got to fit in some time and go to the last half of my little cousin’s fourth birthday party once I got home though. It was nice. Really though, the most interesting part of the evening was when I was getting ready to go.

I am short. Or maybe I’m just of average height, and all the people around me are abnormally tall. Take your pick, the fact still stands though that I am not by any means tall.

So I was getting ready to leave my cousin’s house, and my little cousin comes over and I told him that he isn’t allowed to get to be taller than I am and that he has to stop growing. His four year old response was that he has to get taller and grow up. So of course I persisted by telling him that he could get older but not taller.

His response was, “I have to grow up, and so do you. When are you going to grow up?” It was adorable and hilarious and made my day. Despite the frigid weather outside I can’t wipe the smile from my face. Children are adorable, and they “say the darndest things”.

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