Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Anticipation Builds

I am used to having several things that I am supposed to be doing, and then in true procrastinator fashion finding something other to occupy myself with. This is why it is weird that all I really have to do at the moment is to write my final English paper.

Obviously I’m not doing that at the moment as I am blogging.

I’d like to say that I’ve interrupted my paper writing to write this before deadline, but that would be lying. I do have a portion of my paper written out though. I worked on it a little during my last break today, so yay me!

As of tomorrow though I plan to have my paper written and e-mailed out to my professor, God
I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I take my Psych exam tomorrow morning, and I want to send off my paper in the afternoon. I sent off my Philosophy exam days ago. The only thing that I will have left after tomorrow is to study for my math final.

I’m so stoked.

The only thing that could make tomorrow anymore awesome would be for MSU to get back with me about whether or not I’ve been accepted. That would be amazing…

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