Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Several days ago a customer called and wanted to order thirty-three of this specific drawer pull. We did not have thirty-three immediately available in store, in fact we had a reported four available and I could only locate one of those four. Lovely, and of course there weren’t many available to order because they are being discontinued.


So I made a list, and on this list I noted which of our fellow stores had some in and how many they had at their disposal. I then set myself to the task of calling around and getting people to send their stash of drawer pulls to me. On Saturday I finally managed to track down enough drawer pulls.

I had four that I had found in our store, and the remainder was set to be shipped to me. But of course, just when you think that you’re on course something has to force everything to fall apart.
Today my customer called back. In fact they called twice, because they were insistent that they talk with me and not the other associate I was working with, so in fact I ended up calling them. Apparently something had come up, or whatever and they had decided that they don’t need thirty-three drawer pulls. In fact they only need two drawer-pulls.

TWO. Not thirty-three after all, but two instead, which was what they had originally ordered and then said they didn’t want before calling back and requesting thirty-three. WHAT. THE. HELL?!

I mean, it’s funny, but OMG. Then when they revealed that they wanted only the two they expressed the concern that the two that were reportedly waiting for them at customer service might not be there. Of course to this concern I said, “Oh, you know I don’t know if they do or not, but I have four so I’m sure I can manage to get two for you.”

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