Monday, March 02, 2009

Darcy, The Snob

The heater went out in my car… again. Well, ok, so technically it still works, but only if it’s on its highest setting. ::Sigh::

In other news my cat is a snob. On occasion I buy her canned food, but I can’t buy her just anything. In fact the only thing that she won’t turn her nose up at is either Tuna and Shrimp or the Ocean fish mix. At any rate I bought her a can of ocean fish, but it wasn’t her usual can. In fact it was a larger can, because I had this crazy idea that she could eat a portion of it at one time and have the rest later.

She was all ready to eat it while it was in the can. In fact, she was all ready to eat it when she saw her usual dinner plate. However, once I actually scooted the plate her way she gave its contents one whiff and then stuck her nose in the air and slinked away.

Darcy is a snob. So of course, I relented and bought her a couple cans of her usual stuff. Cats.

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