Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Bug Incident

So Saturday I was driving to work, as I generally do, and everything was fine. It was a little cloudy, but I had the windows open and my radio going. Everything was running smoothly which is obviously the first sign of trouble. It was then, that all of a sudden my ears were assaulted by a CRASH in the vicinity of my rear window. I mean it sounded as though someone had hurled a stone at it. So of course, I flinched and immediately averted my attention to my rear-view mirror.

Things initially appeared to be fine, until I noticed the large BUG hovering by the rear window. At first glance I thought it was a large bumblebee, and despite being fairly apprehensive I drove on to work. In the next moment upon glancing in the rear view mirror I came to realize that the bug had disappeared. This lead me to assume that it had made its exit through the windows which I had opened further with the hope of enticing it into choosing such a path.

However, you must know what is to be said of making assumptions...

I got to work, and parked, and immediately investigated the backseat... and quickly discovered that what I had believed to be a bumblebee was in fact a BEADLE. A very LARGE beetle.

Ick, gross, eh.

Now bugs are all fine and well and whatever, so long as they do not invade my personal space. They may exist but this does not mean that I want to directly deal with them in any capacity. They are free to exist, I just ask that they leave me be.

So obviously, despite having arrived fifteen minutes early I hightailed it out of my car and into the building. My fervent hope was for the bug to DIE at some point during my shift so that I wouldn't really have to contend with it later, let alone in the present. This may seem mean, but the way I see it the bug brought it upon itself when it invaded my space.

Work was crazy, which was to be expected considering it was/is NASCAR and Relay for Life weekend and we are largely understaffed. Ah, corporations and their lovely ideas of how to properly run a business. The store was packed, customers were cranky, and therefore employees were stressed. My evening consisted largely of furniture re-arrangement. I also spent quite a large amount of time wrestling with a box that refused to relinquish the lamp that was inside. It was an involved process that lead to my discovering that the lamp itself was broken. Lovely! The second struggle arose in my then having to replace the lamp back into the box.

Needless to say the lamp made it back into the box missing some of the Styrofoam that was originally present. By the time I gave breaks to everyone in my departments I had just enough time to close down my department and haul away the broken items that I had accrued throughout the day. All in all it was a busy day.

There was also the bug through all of this, because the bug was always in the back of my mind taunting me with the promise of its company. I got to my car after work and the first thing I did was inspect the backseat. There was no way in hell that I was going to get in that car without knowing exactly where the bug was. As it turned out, it was right where I left it.

Taking a deep breath I climbed in the car and turned my focus to getting home. All I had to do was get home without incident and then I could remove the bug from the vicinity of my car. Thankfully my car is not bug-free. Thank God.

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