Friday, June 26, 2009


I will attempt to be as coherent as possible, though truthfully at the moment I could crave nothing more than sleep. However, I have obligations here to be met with first.

Yesterday I was positively miserable, but since I was able to make it to work today it may be evident that I was feeling marginally better. Of course this was prior to driving home with my windows open. Doing so wouldn't have been such a mistake if I hadn't failed to first take some allergy medicine. I can no longer breathe properly through my nose.

Last night I managed to go to sleep rather early, which translates into eleven thirty. Since i had to be to work early this morning, that would a good thing, except for the quality of sleep last night wasn't precisely what one would hope for. I spent much of the night tossing and turning, which thoroughly annoyed Darcy who took it upon herself to glare at me on every occasion that arose.

Obviously I should have taken something prior to going to bed. Also strangely enough, it turns out that watching "Lost in Austen" just before heading to bed wasn't the greatest idea. My unconscious self spent much of my sleeping hours trying to restructure the story that the movie managed to disassemble. I'm still not completely sure what I thought about the movie. It was certainly different.

Though on the subject of today, since I was out of work fairly early in the evening I allowed myself to give into the temptation of going to the bookstore. Once there I promptly picked up the second and third books in Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson Series. The first in the series was "Moon Called" and I thoroughly enjoyed it so I'm looking forward to devouring these volumes as well.

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