Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Day of Leisure

My day hasn't actually been much to blog about. I am nearly finished reading the book that I began this morning. It goes without saying that I'm loving it. It will be finished before I go to sleep tonight.

The bulk of my day has been devoted to this book, and surfing my usual haunts on the Internet. For a while earlier my niece wandered in and commandeered my computer. We blasted Fall Out Boy as I sat here reading and she surfed around her myspace.

Surprisingly Darcy has been my near constant companion. I think she hung around me largely for my air conditioning and the can of food that I had dished out for her. She briefly abandoned me when she deemed hunting down an errant fly to be more interesting. Alas, such is life it seems.

There was also the moment in which I finally recalled the answer to a question that had been posed to me two days ago. I went and got ice cream with my friend and at some point in the conversation used the work, uncouth. First she asked me what that meant and then scolded me for using words that she wasn't sure what the meaning was. Now of course, in that moment while I could visualize what I was saying I could not actually think of any word that would convey that meaning aside from the one that I had used. Randomly today I thought up a few and promptly texted my friend. That is just the way my brain tends to work.

Perhaps the highlight of my day was the trip to walmart about a half an hour ago. Darcy was out of dry food, and she's been sending scathing looks my way all day. I imagine she will be much appeased now that she is in possession of food.

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