Monday, June 01, 2009

Computer Issues

The last several days have been kind of crazy. My computer for whatever reason has decided that it no longer wants to recognize the presence of my optical drive. This happened several months ago. Recently, as I believe I have mentioned, I've tried to correct that problem. I haven't had any luck on that front.

I took it to a local company to fix it at the end of last week, and they aren't sure what's wrong. According to the computer everything is working just like it's supposed to be, except for the fact that it actually isn't. They even called HP to see if they had any suggestions. All they had to say is that it's a common complaint with that particular model and they aren't sure how to fix it.


So I've been living without a computer for the last few days, which isn't optimal but it's alright. Thankfully their offering to trade my computer with one that they have, and all I'd have to pay is the service fees for what they've done to investigate the problem with the origianl that I brought in.

Bassically this means I will have a computer again some time tommorow. Thank God!

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