Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Reoccuring Themes

Thankfully the drive home tonight wasn't the adventure that last night was. Last nights drive home from work was a little tense due largely to some severe weather, but it takes a lot more than a boat load of rain to scare me off the road. There was one point that it was raining so hard i couldn't see anything aside from the yellow line down the middle of the road.

The theme at work tonight seemed to be people wanting things that I did not have at my disposal. In at least two instances, people inquired about a product but were unable to offer me specific names or product numbers. I ask you, how am I supposed to help you if you can offer me no information? I am not psychic, I can't read minds. Sorry to disappoint.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able go to my local used bookstore at some point, because I obviously need more books. It's not that I want them, but that I need them. :p

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