Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jane Austen

I ordered the latest movie version of "Sense and Sensibility", and it came in the mail the other day. At the moment I am entertaining the idea of watching it. On the one hand, it sounds like an excellent idea, and on the other I have to be in to work early tommorow morning. It's a tough call, and at the moment I am leaning towards watching the movie. What is sleep when compared to a movie adaption of one of Jane Austen's books? The choice is very clear, OBVIOUSLY.

I did manage to go to my local used bookstore, also known as The Book Abbey. Though they didn't have any of the books that I was looking for, I was able to find a few books that a soon determined I could not live without. I have a problem, but I at least I admit it right?

My youngest niece expressed an interest the other day in reading "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies", so today I went out and bought her a copy which I'll hopefully be able to pass along in the next couple days along with one of my copies of "Pride and Prejudice". Yes, I have more than one copy. I like to promote reading whenever I can, and if it's Jane Austen or at least relative to that then all the better.

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