Monday, July 13, 2009

Orientation Day

I went to my orientation at MSU today. I was up at four and out of the house by five so that I could make it there by seven thirty. As it was I was plenty early, but it’s far better to be early than it is to be late.

Mainly the day consisted of sitting in a lecture hall and listening faculty talk about the success that they expected us to find at the school, and how though they understand that as transfer students we’ve attended college before we need to keep open minds: every school is run differently.

The most interesting part of the day was when we went off to meet our academic advisors and they talked about our actual programs. There were seven or so other Journalism majors, so it wasn’t an excessively long wait to talk to an advisor about scheduling. Before scheduling could take place though, all the Journalism majors had to take a grammar test. If we passed than we could take the two hundred level journalism class that proceeds entering the School of Journalism.

I passed the grammar test.

I was also informed that I am ten credits away from being a Junior, so this fall I will be considered a Sophomore, and in the spring I will be a Junior. Ah, the joys of being a transfer student. Although it could be worse, I met people today who only had twelve credits transfer in. I think I can live with my 46 transfer credits.

At any rate, the drive home gave me a headache. I got momentarily turned around in Jackson, since I had to go into Tecumseh before coming home. Then of course no one seemed to drive, it seemed like everyone wanted to drive on their brakes. It was maddening. I feel as though today was very productive.

I set up my schedule for this fall and spring, took care of my former neighbor’s cats for her, and managed to write this up without waiting until the last moment.

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