Thursday, July 30, 2009

Styrofoam Mess

Yesterday I forgot that I needed to blog until one in the morning, when I was finally considering sleep. This of course means that I will be blogging twice on either Saturday or Sunday. In my own defense I wasn't really too awake last night, and not having my own computer for the moment is a bit distracting.

Yesterday at work it wasn't really busy, though I kept busy enough. At one point a customer wanted to buy a set of lamps, but the pair she was interested in weren't on display aware so I told her that we could open the box so that she could see what they looked like.

There were three boxes marked to have the set that she was looking for, go figure that everyone of those boxes had the wrong pair of lamps in them. This of course meant that I had to open every box of lamps from that brand to verify that the correct lamps were in them.

Now this wasn't such a horrible task, except for the Styrofoam that they are packed in. The Styrofoam, for whatever reason, refuses to stay in one piece EVER. So of course I was showered in Styrofoam several times over. Egh.

Then of course, prior to work there was the early morning drive up to WCC to work on getting my brother prepared to register for his classes for this semester. Our Mini-Van died the other day, and since dad was golfing my car was the only one available at that moment. It was a long day.

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