Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Road Trip

Today was a rather busy day.

At around noon Sarah and I drove up to the DTE Music Theater. Her parents wanted us to take a day and drive up there to prove that we could navigate our way there. At first it looked like we were going to have to take a parent along but in the end it was just the two us and an abundance of maps. It was really straight forward which was good. At any rate it was a good indicator of how much time we will have to allow for the drive on the actual concert date.

One thing the trip definitely highlighted was that summer is equivalent to construction season in Michigan. The drive, albeit beautiful, was fraught with construction. Thank god for ipods and and thereby commercial free music. It was a fun drive though.

Once we managed to make it to Clarkston we had lunch with another girl that lives up there, and by four we were back on the road again. Now, I am notorious for being able to navigate to a location and then somehow get all turned around on the drive home.

I'm perfectly aware that the drive home should be the easiest part of the trip, but for one reason or another it always turns out to be the trickiest part for me. Go figure.

About a half an hour into the trip home we realized that we were headed in the wrong direction and therefore had to turn around. After that small snag though it was a smooth ride aside from some heavy traffic around Ann Arbor.

I am now home, eating an English muffin and continuing to contemplate a way to deal with paying my tuition. Tomorrow I get to make the drive to MSU to talk with someone who will hopefully be able to help me solve my problem. Fingers crossed!

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