Friday, July 03, 2009

The Stress Equation

I resind yesterdays statment and claim today was a long day. This simple equation explains my day: Holiday Weekend + Understaffed = Retail Hell. There is nothing wrong with the store being busy, in fact that is preferable to being slow however only when the conditions are set up in such a manner that this may be handled accordingly.

One person watching over multiple departments that are excessively seperated is not condusive to an adequate working environment. In fact, these conditions are only condusive to major stress to all parties involved.

It is nice to be home, at least for the moment.

At around two this morning I finished reading "Blood Bound", and it was completely worth it. At the moment I'm reading "Iron Kissed", which is the book that follows it. Patricia Briggs is amazing. If you enjoy urban fantasy I highly recommend her Mercy Thompson Series.

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