Thursday, July 02, 2009

Phone Theif

How did I know today was going to be a long day? At any rate it was a really long day.

I spent the bulk of my time at work, where we were incredibly busy while also incredibly understaffed. Things slowed down in the evening, but still: GAH. However, I will be back there tomorrow bright and early. By that time I'll probably regret staying up and finishing "Blood Bound" but that's nothing new. It's too good a book to wait until tomorrow evening.

Darcy is now sitting on my desk chair, nestled in my work shirt and glaring at me. I'm sure she can tell she is being talked about. However, I much prefer her glaring than attempting to gnaw on my arm. This is actually fairly funny.

I little while ago I was sitting here, when my phone started to ring. I had thrown it into my purse, so Darcy was immediately mesmerized by the idea that the bag laying next to her was making nose. I attempted to fish out my phone to no avail, and thus had to dump the contents of it onto my bed. This apparently was even more interesting, because she got up to begin assisting me in rifling through the now free contents. FINALLY I found my phone, and as I flipped it open she immediately went after my arm, as though she was going to take the phone away from me.


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